Please click HERE for read-only access to the Rink Booking spreadsheet. Check availability before booking, and comply with restrictions on numbers. For on-line bookings, please use email   Please read the following from the Captain, regarding use of the club premises.
From Saturday the 17th April we are able to open the Club with controlled access  enabling us to play pre-booked practice, competitions & league sessions as  specified in Step 2 of the Government and Bowls England guidelines. We will also be playing our organised first two home matches (Meon Valley &  Colden Common) as two triples only with tea & biscuit served outside.  Sign-up information & sheets for all the above will follow shorty. All playing fees will apply  2 per person per practice session & competition entry, 3 for  Matches & 10 league entry. This will be added to your monthly account, payable by  BACS, cheque or cash to the treasurer. This calls upon your common sense and trust in safeguarding yourself and others in  and around our facility at any one time in accordance with Government and our Club  rules & guidelines. The Alresford Bowls Club will not be held responsible/liable for any claims made  against us. You will need to take any provision to carry out safeguarding: - sanitiser/  wipes, gloves, facemask, or anything you feel required for your visit. Play arrangements        The Off-site web base booking system will only be used for rink allocation & time slot.        Minimum of 30 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to  arrive/depart safely is applied.        Follow the advice on social distancing.        Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your allocated time slot.        Only one person is to be in the clubhouse at a time (collecting equipment & use  of toilets etc.). Changing MUST be done outside.        Only play on alternate rinks e.g., 1, 3 OR 2, 4 (keeping an empty rink between  rinks that are being played on).        Maximum of twelve players on club premises at any one time.  Playing Formats The following playing formats are in accordance with Bowls England guidelines: - 	All play to be on alternate rinks. 	A maximum of 12 people outside (split onto two rinks).  	Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to; you must always remain at  least one metre plus apart from other bowlers who are not part of your  household. 	Wash your hands using the outside tap, soap & disposable towels.  Equipment  To minimise the risk of infection only essential items (as below) should be utilised  during any session:        Mat        Jack        Rink markers        Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required).        Bowls (your personal use only).         Bowling arm/lifter (your personal one if required).        Gloves None of the following equipment is deemed essential & will not be available: -  Scoreboards   Bowls pushers  Clubhouse and Facilities         Limited essential access only (for example to use the toilets and collect woods)  will be allowed.        You must clean your hands and equipment (touched by you) before and after  playing.        The equipment store must not be used.        Changing rooms must not be used for changing  this must be done outside. When you leave         When you finish playing, change your shoes and leave the club immediately   ensuring that you have sanitised all equipment used and that the club is secure.   To Book a playing slot/ rink: -  	1.	Choose a playing partner (using the membership list). 	2.	Check rink/ time slot availability on our website (top of page)
3. Email your request to  or telephone Bernie Simmons at home: - 01962 735323 between 8:00 and 9:00 am or 5:00 & 6:00 pm. In case of any problems contact Bernie or Reg Wragg via email or Let’s get this club bowling again even with these restrictions.
Alresford Bowling Club Sun Lane, Alresford, SO24 9LZ Telephone (when clubhouse in use) 01962 735444