Tournament Details

One-day TOURNAMENTS including the following are also held.

(These are generally Round Robin events, the format dependant on the number of players. Typically, the arrangement would be triples [except Talbot Flitch], playing 3 or 4 ends  before a change of rink and opponents. Each team is responsible for keeping their own score, and the overall total number of points determines the winner. With an even number of teams, this can be split into two groups, with the winners of  each group competing in a play-off) Captains Cup Triples—teams of Triples with the skips selected by the Captain, and other team members drawn. Marjorie Bishop Rose Bowl—teams of Triples bowling to a fixed jack. Scoring is 3 points for  shot, 2 for second and 1 for third. Both teams can score. Talbot Flitch—”His & Hers” event for married couples/partners (one man and one woman living at the same address). Yardstick Tournament—all bowls totally within 3 ft of the jack count. Closest  takes the mat for the next end. Ladies v Gents - battle of the sexes! In addition, we play every year for the LANGTON CUP. Originally, this was three ways between Alresford, Ropley and Crondall. In recent years, it has been played between Alresford and Ropley. However, with the unfortunate closure of Ropley, the competition has been revived between Crondall and ourselves The cup is awarded to the club with the aggregate highest score over the home and away legs. The winner of the Pairs competition has also recently played Ropley Club’s winning pair for the PRESIDENT’S CUP. The future of this is still not decided. We also take part in the PETERSFIELD CUP, against other local clubs.
Alresford Bowling Club Sun Lane, Alresford, SO24 9LZ Telephone (when clubhouse in use) 01962 735444